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The Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Team achieves double podium on the first race of the Valencia E-Prix

Nico Müller from DRANGON / PENSKE AUTOSPORT earns his first podium of the season

Nyck de Vries won the first place of the Valencia E-Prix, along his team partner Stoffel Vandoorne, who came last at third place, scoring a good points couple-double netherlander gaining for their team, Mercedes-Benz EQ.  

The race went through wet conditions,with multiple caution periods, safety cars and strong pace; the engineering group, led by Jay Penske, DRAGON /PENSKE AUTOSPORT gave Nico Müller strategic support to make their way through the field, to finally achieve the second place. Nico was able to endure multiple on-track skirmishes while keeping his energy under control. The Swiss driver's careful management gave him the energy surplus necessary to overtake numerous cars over the last laps of the race, earning his first podium in the FIA Formula E World Championship. 

Abou his first season's podium, Nico said: "Starting from P22, we felt we needed a combination of strategy and chao
s to make it to the front. We initially got more chaos than we wanted with a drive-thru penalty and two trips into the gravel. Fortunately, we had great pace in the wet, the car felt really good, and I managed to conserve energy while gaining places on track. That was key. In the end, we had good energy left, and my Team guided me through that race perfectly to manage our energy and be in good shape when it counted at the end." 

"It is a great reward for everyone in the Team. We deserve to celebrate a podium, and I am super happy for my teammates. We know what we have to work on to be ready for tomorrow and the rest of the season, but this was a well-deserved podium. We took all the information, and made it count." 


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