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Trump's Covid-19 infected

At 30 days to go for the presidential election in the U.S.A., the actual president Donald Trump was checked at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C. after he was diagnosticated positive for Covid-19 test, as well as his wife Melania.

With slight sympthoms like a little cough and fever these medical measures are just precautionary, so it were noticed by the medicians. Besides a daily aspirin, Trump's been treated with an effective medicine cocktail that includes vitamins and experimental antibody drugs, expecting for a recovery of his contracted illness that has taken millions of lives worldwide already.

Trump was capable to walk on his own feet in order to get translated to the hospital via heli, scouted by another one from the U.S. Government. Before he got airlifted to the med center, Donald Trump sent a twitter message saying he is doing very well and that he will never forget the affective behaviour of some citizens, who were attent to this particular journey.

Now, with the most powerful nation president sick from Coronavirus, some experts pine that the comunist chinesse regime is the guilty cause of this extreme situation, and it could achieve bigotry newly-war proportions, taking care his possible failure on his political carreer to be re-elected as United States president. 

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