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Sam Bird and Robert Frijns, F-E Race car drivers in México City aimingfor the Round 4 of the sixth season

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Sam Bird and Robin Frijns from the Envision Virgin Formula E Racing Team gave a press conference in the Torre Manacar's K1 Speed indoor kart racing, previously aiming for The Round 4 in the sixth season to take place in the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome, México City Venue, that has been modified in its race track this year for the well of the competition and safety for the racers.

Aknowledging that, both drivers expect to get a better position this year respect the 5th season when they finished 9th for Robin and 11th for Bird. "This weekend we will be more competitive, without the chicane the track will be longer but we are going to be prepared for the race", appointed the drivers.

The ABB NOBIUM F-E FiA's México Prix is an outstanding race due to two essential factors: It has no race car drivers in the competition, and its race track is a section of the AHR, not the acostummed streets from the city to run these electric now enhanced race cars.

"It's amazing to see the mexican fans in the stadium" Sam Bird said; It's really gonna be good to be on track this saturday." declares Robin Frijns.

Both drivers expect to start upfront after the qualifyings, at the same time they hope to leave behind a little issued that have caused problems on race. "We going to be moving forwards straight to the championship, both, as a team and drivers as well". Said Bird, who gave a tip to the fans for to feel free on the fanboost when they achieve the top 5 drivers, during the race.

As a partner team the Envision Virgin Racing Team use this season the Audi e-tron FE06 chasis. Despite this, they said manufacturers are the future of technology, which in a city as Mexico's results very important, where It can be spread the message of benefits that could bring electro movility.

Sam Bird explain the importance to use a helmet behind an electric wheelcar: "We got into racing because we like to race; you shouldn't have to lose that when you begin to progress in other aspects. Money nor fame matters. It's not an important part of being a driver".

"The relation between man and machine it could be a matter of weekend but involves the entire team" (Frijns).
About the Attack Mode the drivers of the Envision Virgin Racing Team are conscious that It is a matter of strategy, gives more power to win or lose the race which it does not make the racing boring at all, it's equal fun for the pits strategy. (Sic)

Taking advantage from being at the K1 Speed's the Envision twosome drove a demo race and one with kids and teenagers just for the fun of motorsports.

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