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WHITE launches GIVE A FOK-us, a sustainable hub to focus attention on blockchain technology, innovation and circular economy. Two brand-new sections, Knit Lab and Lounge | Sphere, are debuting at this upcoming edition. From Australia lands this year’s Special Guest Strateas Carlucci. Important comebacks - like Clergerie Paris and Circus Hotel - confirm the role of Milan and of the tradeshow as the fashion event that can’t be missed.

A spotlight on sustainability, a focus on research and international scouting with a targeted brand mix, capable of renewing the offer of the stores and communicate with the new generations of consumers: these are WHITE Milano’s assets, the trade-fair under the aegis of the Municipality of Milan, which from 22nd to 25th February 2019 is going to showcase 514 brands, out of which 342 are Italian and 172 international, in the four locations of Tortona 27 | Superstudio Più, Tortona 31 | Opificio, Tortona 35 | Hotel Nhow and Tortona 54 | Ex Ansaldo BASE.

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