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Radio amateurs put on "tip" for international event

The preparation of the antennas, the computer equipment, the software that facilitates the counting of the points and the radio equipment occupies right now to the seven Guantanamo that will participate between the months of October and next November, in the World Contest of Telephony for Radio amateurs 2018.

Roberto Rivas Muñoz, president of the National Association of Radio Amateurs in the province, explained that the event proposes two events, in which the contestants must establish as many contacts as possible with other stations, and exchange information on the level of the signal and the area where they are.

The first event, said the engineer of Guaso, involves verbal communications or phone, in English, and will run from October 27 to 28, while the second is scheduled from November 24 to 25, the latter in radiotelegraphy mode or Morse code.

It will be transmitted, he said, from Playa Blanca, in Baracoa, and Yacabo Abajo, in Imías, in places very close to the sea and far from human concentrations to avoid noise and interference, and take advantage of the water's capacity to achieve greater reach. of the signals.

Rivas Muñoz assured the Radio that the aspirations of the local team are to be placed in the head of the radio amateurs of the country and the continent, and to be among the first 20 first of the world, a desire based on the experience and skill of their men, and the prizes that accumulate from similar events.

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