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Detail. Impact. Excellence.

Craftsmanship and craft making have always provided a clear identity reflective of culture, materials and the creation processes. Today, the craftsman’s ability to capture tradition and character has renewed interest in 'making' methods across the world.

Advocating for a future of innovative, impactful and responsive built environments and supporting excellence in design, IFI remains concerned with the frontiers that are opened by these philosophies of making, craftsmanship and quality. As we bridge the traditions of the past with the increasing demand for a finesse reflective of today, we explore questions of expertise and longevity in modern design and production.

So often in this age of fast-paced information and soundbites, along with disposable objects, attention to detail is left by the wayside. However, the level of care and an intimate knowledge of the art of craft, sets the best designers and craftspeople apart. This results in outcomes for product, interiors and style with greater longevity.

Our Resource Council Member, Theodore Alexander, is a leading manufacturer of fine furniture, that is easily distinguished by its attention to detail. From elegant inlays and veneers, to the careful finishing of every surface—even those that usually go unnoticed—all aspects are addressed, showcasing that artistry is no accident. This beauty is reflective of the passion and effort of the skilled maker, dedicated to their trade—a quality that designers and clients value greatly.

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