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THE MATADOR AND THE FISHERMAN Men's collection Summer 2019

Spanish designer Carlota Barrera will present tomorrow, Thursday July 12th 2018, at 12:00, her first collection for men with the title "The Matador and the Fisherman", as part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid Summer 2019.
Inspired by the confrontation of the man against the beast, the collection questions which of the two embodies each role: on one hand, through the Spanish tradition of bullfighting, and on the other with the work of fishermen who fight against storms and marine beasts.
A dialogue between the purpose of beauty in the matador costume with its marked silhouette in contraposition to the practicality of fishermen's attire. The concept of masculinity and beauty is exalted with a certain erotic component, and both worlds merge in the detailed embroidery, representing flowers, corals and seaweed. It's a love story between the matador and the fisherman, and also between the old tailoring and the new techniques of design and making.
Carlota Barrera's love for craftsmanship it'’s proven with the use of different manual techniques in the collection. It's a way of stating the important role of these crafts in the Spanish tradition, nowadays in danger of disappearing. Appling embroidery, natural fibers and leather work in this collection, have updated these traditions with a contemporary vision. Artisans such as Steve Mono, with shoes made of Ubrique leather, Javier Sánchez Medina, with natural fibers, and Anónima by CM, with hand embroidery, have contributed to this collection.
The colors of the soil and the sea impregnate a collection of 20 looks that combine beauty, strength, craftsmanship and avant-garde.

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